Recently tens of valuable sci-tech achievements have been made in the railway transport of Korea through persistent pursuit and creation, true to the intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea on promoting the development of railway transport by dint of science and technology.

With a resolve to make railways heavy-duty and high-speed the researchers of the Railway Institute of the Ministry of Railways have developed a new rolled iron tie plate for heavy rails good in compatibility with rails and convenient in use for sleepers, and widely introduced it.

Lecturers and researchers of the Pyongyang University of Railways have developed a new engine speedometer which can measure and display the speed of engines more correctly than before, making an active contribution to ensuring security of the train service.

The university has also developed and introduced a new train sensor by axle counter, contributing to increasing transport capacity and ensuring accident-free regular service.

The Chongjin Rolling-Stock Accessories Factory has made a rail fastener needed for production of non-bolt concrete sleepers. Officials and workers in the field of railway transport including the Chongjin Railway Works, the Sinuiju Youth Service Brigade of Passenger and Freight Trains and the Sunchon Section Crew are actively developing equipment and materials necessary for modernization of railways. Now the railway transport sector is forcefully speeding up the work to ensure regular service of trains and modernize the railways while expanding the successes.