The Pyongyang Bag Factory newly built in Thongil Street, Pyongyang, is in good operation. It produces bags with locally-produced materials including canvas produced by the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill and zippers by the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Site Souvenir Factory. And 95% of the factory’s facilities including a laser cutter are modern domestic products. The laser cutter developed by the Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering and the Laser Institute of the State Academy of Sciences ensures a 1~1.5% higher yield than a highly skilled worker, and thus it makes it possible to produce 5 000 more bags a year with the materials saved by the cutter. Scientists and technicians also established an integrated production system to suit the actual conditions of the factory.

Products of the Pyongyang Bag Factory

Products of the Pyongyang Bag Factory

In the designing section they employ scenes from animations which are quite familiar with the children and scenes showing the spirit of the children growing as pillars of the country, and put out new interesting designs for production of bags suitable for children of different ages and psychology. Efforts are also directed to diversifying bags in terms of kind, shape and colour through designing contests and massbased deliberations on the factory scale.

Design Office

In the technical preparation section they are intensifying the research work to establish standards of bags suitable for age and physical qualities, apply body engineering technologies to the designing of bags easy to carry, and improve the waterproof quality and resistance to deformity from strong strikes.

The factory also produces various sticky pictures for pupils to decorate their satchels, which are liked very much by the children. On April 1 last, beginning a new school year, the pupils in Pyongyang went to school taking on their back the satchels produced by the factory. The useful, high-quality and comfortable satchels, shoulder-straps of which are stuck with luminous tapes to prevent traffic accidents at night, are very popular among pupils.

At the Design Office

Manager Ri Un Jong says, “People say the streets have become more beautiful with pupils taking new satchels. We will equip all our factory with Korean facilities and always accept nice opinions of the pupils, their parents and purchasers, and thus make a famous brand of bags.”

an article by Rim Ok