The farms in North Hwanghae Province, which suffered great damages by heavy rain and strong wind that swept the whole of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, are taking agro-technical measures to improve the growth of the crops. Officials go out to the fields to learn about the damages in detail and take relevant measures.

Agricultural scientists who came out to the farms are giving substantial assistance to the farmers while informing them of the agro-technical knowledge.

The farms periodically spray nutrient solutions necessary for improving the growth of the crops including the photosynthesis reinforcing agent and growth promoter.

Pak Hye Suk, Workteam Leader of the Taesong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm of the North Hwanghae Provincial Rural Economy Committee, says:

“The junior officials of the workteams as well as the managerial officials and technicians look round the damaged fields again one by one to examine the injured crops carefully on every field and plot and take relevant measures. They explain to the farmers theoretically about the scientific and technological problems on the damages of the fields in their charge and give foliar nutrition to the fields together with them.”

The agricultural workers in the afflicted areas are now doing farming strenuously and with responsibility.