The spring of Kangso Mineral Water, the best of its kind in Korea, is located about 30 kilometres west of Pyongyang.

Rising from 130 metres deep under the ground, the water is a natural carbonated one with pH of less than 6.0. Containing scores of kinds of microelements, it is unique water the kind of which cannot be synthesized artificially yet.

In 1982 the water was registered as one of precious natural products in Korea. And it is green drinking water that won a WIPO certificate of origin and a SGS certificate of inspection. It is known to have been discovered around 300 years ago.

It was 70 years ago that the water began to contribute to the promotion of the people’s health. In 1947, during his inspection of the spring, President Kim Il Sung instructed officials concerned to take a measure for the working people to have a rest and get medical treatment in the vicinity while drinking the water well known from olden times. And tasting the water himself, the President named it Kangso mineral water and gave an instruction to increase the yield of the water. Later he took a measure to send the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment and an ambulance there.

True to his instructions, a prospecting corps positively explored the location to find over 20 more similar springs, and the Kangso Mineral Water Factory and a sanatorium were built around the springs, making it possible for all the Korean people to use the water.

In 2011 the springs suddenly ran dry owing to an earthquake that occurred in a neighbouring country. Then Chairman Kim Jong Il had a competent scientific survey team dispatched there to find out the source of the spring without fail. As a result, the spring began to rise again in nearly doubled quantity 60 days after it had run dry.

To meet the daily increasing demand for the water, the aforesaid factory modernized the production  processes on a scientific basis, thus boosting the production of the water. Recently the factory has carried out a new renovation project—the establishment of an integrated manufacturing system that consists of a business management system, a production management system and an automatic workshop control system, and the introduction of devices for observation and automatic control of the entire production processes from the spring source area to the forwarding process. Meanwhile a new technology was introduced to better the carbonic acid gas separator to increase the production of the gas, making it possible to improve the quality of the water. Furthermore, all production processes of the factory are free from germs and dust, and an injecting and cap-sealing machine, an automatic cleaning, injecting and bottle-capping machine and other machines have been modernized.

The factory has had lots of visitors from the US, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and so on, who all admired the water for its good taste.

The result of the inspection of the water by radiation done in Russia in May 2012 showed that its numerical value of alpha rays is 0.002 (the tolerance limit is 0.1 unit) and its numerical value of beta rays 0 (the tolerance limit is 1 unit)—a surprising fact.

During his inspection of the factory in June last, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un put forward important tasks to be carried out to increase the production of the water, further improve its quality, make the production processes modern, scientific and automatic on a higher basis and provide the enterprise with a healthier environment. And he expressed his expectation and confidence that the managers and employees of the factory, in the spirit of faithful service for the people, would mass-produce and supply the famous, healthy mineral water to the people.

Now you can see a lot of vans carrying the mineral water through streets of Pyongyang.

Article: Sim Chol Yong