Today the relations between the north and the south of the Korean peninsula are a shambles due to mutual confrontation and danger of war, which is a serious concern to not only the Korean nation but also foreign countries. Unless the frozen north-south relations improve, the Korean nation would not avoid the maelstrom of war forever, leaving severer and more catastrophic disasters and obstacles alone on the road of peace and independent reunification of the country

This year the north side, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has vigorously waged the national reunification movement holding up the slogan “Let us frustrate the challenges by the anti-reunification forces within and without and usher in a new era of independent reunification!” in order to put an end to the tragedy of national division that has lasted for over 70 years. The Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in May last indicated the line and policy to achieve national reunification by means of federation under the banner of national independence and unity. Several initiative measures have been taken for their realization. Appeals were issued to remove misunderstanding and distrust by developing dialogue and negotiation at different levels in various fields in order to improve the strained northsouth relations radically, and to this end a proposal was made to hold talks between the north and south military authorities first.

Peaceful environment is essential in all the affairs. The DPRK has done its best along their lines from the beginning of this year just as it had done before. However, all the efforts are still fruitless because of the antireunification forces of south Korea that are toeing the foreign lines.

At the beginning of this year the south Korean military declared confrontation against the north by conducting military drill. From March last they carried out military exercises codenamed “Key Resolve” and “Foal Eagle 16” by mobilizing enormous forces in cooperation with foreign forces despite the opposition from the international community. According to the “OPLAN 5015,” the extremely naked and adventurous nuclear war plan for the “beheading operation” targeting the supreme leadership of the DPRK and “overthrow of the system” and military occupation of the DPRK as a whole, tens of thousands of GIs and hundreds of thousands of the south Korean puppet troops and forces of the US’s vassal nations were mobilized, resulting in a touch-and-go situation in the Korean peninsula.

In May last the south Korean authorities, vilifying the north’s good will and tolerance, made false assertions for “dialogue after denuclearization” and made political provocations by labelling the north’s proposal as “propaganda offensive with no sincerity.” In the meantime the military escalated provocations in the air, sea and on the ground in the areas of the Military Demarcation Line and hot spot in the southwest sea of the DPRK. Worse still, the south Korean authorities committed atrocities of kidnapping citizens of the DPRK in broad daylight in a third country, and hurled their armed forces to the East Sea of Korea to kidnap the north’s fishermen engaged in a peaceful job. In August last they incited a war environment across south Korea by launching aggressive “Ulji Freedom Guardian” nuclear war exercises hand in glove with outside forces when all the Korean people wanted to share their festivity on the anniversary of national liberation and improve north-south relations.

It is the reality of the Korean peninsula that one side is working to create a peaceful environment when the other, as stooge of the foreign forces, is driving the situation to the brink of war in an attempt to destroy their fellow countrymen. Today other countries and nations are competing fiercely, seeking their own interests, but the Koreans are in mutual confrontation—this is none other than suicidal situation.

The history of the Korean division shows national reunification is impossible as long as “unification of systems” and fratricidal confrontation are sought taken in by the foreign forces’ national division and alienation. The outcome would be catastrophic war alone.

It is the assertion of the DPRK to worship the Korean nation and believe the strength of the Korean nation.

The international community knows full well that the south Korean authorities, in collusion with foreign forces, have tried to provoke a war for decades but to no avail.

Kim Hyon Ju