There is a dental hygienic products factory in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It is a combined producer of toothpaste, gargle and different kinds of dental hygienic implements with large capacity.

Those produced at the factory are popular among the people as they are nice-looking and cheap and make an active contribution to the promotion of health.

The newly-built Pyongyang Dental Hygienic Products Factory is warmly associated with the guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

He proposed building a new factory producing dental hygienic products and paid deep attention to its design and construction.

He examined the design several times and taught ways to modify it and pointed out the production indices one by one.

As a result, a combined dental hygienic products factory was built with modern production facilities.

Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the newly-built factory on June 19, Juche 106(2017). Looking round the production processes, he said the process of producing dental hygienic implements had been built well and the quality of the products was quite good. The Dental Hygienic Products Factory is a factory actively contributing to the promotion of the people’s health and a factory he attaches great importance to, he said and expressed great satisfaction over another worthwhile work done for the people’s long life in good health.

After a while, he told the officials of the factory that it is necessary to let the people fully enjoy a happy life, keenly feeling the benefits of the socialist health system and, for the purpose, they should know their demand well and steadily intensify researches into dental hygienic products and thus produce new ones continuously. And he gave valuable instructions which would serve as a guideline in managing the factory.

As a result, a research institute of dental hygienic products as well as different production workshops was built at the factory. Ri Yong Suk, Manageress of the Pyongyang Dental Hygienic Products Factory, says. “As a combined dental hygienic products factory has been built under the deep concern of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, it is most important to improve the quality of the products.

So we are managing the factory with the main emphasis on it.

It is a little over one year after the start of production, but the variety of the products of our factory has been expanded and their quality improved to be favoured by the users. Listening to the favourable comments of the people, we have a deeper understanding of the importance of our duty.

In the future, we will keep expanding the variety of the products and constantly develop new ones and thus make all our products famous goods and commodities favoured by the entire people.”

The officials of the factory will surely realize the noble intention of Kim Jong Un who regards the demand and interests of the people as the standard of all work.