In hearty response to the plan and intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea to make sports mass-based and part of everyday life and thus turn the country into a sports power, the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory well known across the country for its famous brands of liquors, such as Pyongyang Liquor and Koryo Liquor, is seething with a sports wind, imbuing it with laughter and optimism, while bringing about an upswing in production.

It becomes the beginning of the daily routine for the factory employees to take health-promoting Taekwon-Do and mass rhythmic exercise every morning to the tune of light and dynamic music.

Their movements full of militant mettle and attractive rhythms mirror the optimistic life of the employees.

Found in the factory compound are a variety of sporting facilities, all stimulating the interests of the working masses in sports.

Various sports games organized during the intervals highlight the mass-based sporting activities of the factory.

The processing workteam and raw-materials workteam are engaged in the volleyball game in the court, and the fermentation workteam leader is engrossed in excited table tennis match with the repair workteam leader. Their high playing techniques win great admiration of the spectators.

It presents a wonderful sight to see the spectators enthusiastically cheer the players.

As if they are the coaches, some fervently instruct the players, calling them by their names, and others cheer for their successful hits.

The volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton courts and the table tennis room are filled with animated cheers even after work hours.

Such enthusiasm in sports inspires the factory’s employees to make innovations in their work and launch collective competition between workteams and workshops. In the fierce, factory-wide drive, the factory steadily increases its production while establishing a cultured way of production and life.

In Juche 104(2015), the Koryo Liquor, one of its new products, was awarded the December 15 High Quality Medal.

The brisker the factory’s mass-based sports activities become, the higher the enthusiasm of the factory employees to contribute to the building of a sports power gets.