Winter of Korea is a unique season for snowscape. Mountains and fields are covered with white snow, evoking unusual feelings. Moran Hill widely-known as a pride of the capital Pyongyang from olden times also presents a beautiful snowscape. Its round peaks linked with each other around the highest Choesung Pavilion resemble a peony beginning to open. Hence the name, Moran or Peony. Those queer peaks are buried in various flowers in spring, thick with fresh foliage in summer and ablaze with red and yellow leaves in autumn and are clad “white” at present.

The valleys, trees and lawns are all under snow. The snowcapped pine, pine-nut, juniper and other evergreen trees look greener. The Ulmil and Chongryu Pavilions and other ancient buildings boasting of long history and culture and the Phyonghwa, Aeryon and other pavilions are also crowned with snow


Children are seen making snowmen and enjoying snowball fight in different places. Their laughter adds to the landscape of the scenic Moran Hill. The spring scenery of Moran Hill is said to have been particularly beautiful from olden times, but the winter scenery is not inferior to that. Moran Hill in Pyongyang is beautiful in all seasons.