Kim Hyang Suk, Head of the Jonsung Seafood Store in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, and Kim Hyang Sim, a worker of the Mangyongdae District Fuel Company are sisters. As servants of the people they are honoured with the title of Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism. Their siblings are one man and seven women. Hyang Suk is the third and Hyang Sim the fourth of them.

Kim Hyang Suk (right) and Kim Hyang Sim.

Kim Hyang Suk (right) and Kim Hyang Sim.

The following story shows how they started to work in the service sector. Their siblings grew up without any cares and worries from childhood. The state provided them with free education while supplying uniforms and other school things. Whenever they received them, they felt grateful though young and would make up their mind to repay the state. Hyang Suk decided the way to repay was to work devotedly for the people and volunteered to work at a seafood store after she had finished school. One day when there was a supply of pollacks to the residents she knew some families had yet to get the fish because they were too busy with work. Hyang Suk left for mobile service after the day’s work, instead of returning home.

Looking back upon her thirty years at the seafood store, she says, “The residents were delighted to see me bring nice and fresh pollacks to them and I felt refreshed and proud of my work. I have been to all harbours in the east and west seas and crossed almost all passes to enrich the residents’ diet.” When she heard there was nice and fresh fish in a fishery station, she would rush there without delay and bring twice as much fish as others for the residents in her area.

Thanks to her sincere manner of work she became head of the shop after two years’ work as a saleswoman and she has since been working hard as such for thirty years. In those years she has improved the quality of service. Her workers not only sell seafood to the residents but also give lessons on fish cooking in keeping with their tastes. This is the merit of service in the Jonsung Seafood Store.

Hyang Suk knows the population in her area like the back of her own hand. And she is also familiar with the tastes and hobbies of the residents. She herself offers multifarious service ranging from instruction on the nutritive value of each fish to the cooking method, and she is strict with her workers. She shoulders the work of assisting the People’s Army and supporting grand construction projects—typically Ryomyong Street. Thus she is held in love and respect by the local residents and many other people. She is a model for her younger sister Hyang Sim to learn from. Hyang Sim, working at the fuel company, was not satisfied with kind service alone. She invented a blower-equipped coal-fired range, which was the result of her constant speculation and study aimed at solving the fuel problem of the local residents. This earned her the fame of worker inventor.

People all across the country, to say nothing of the residents in Mangyongdae District, enjoy the benefit of her invention. The people in her area elected her to the district people’s assembly in appreciation of her assiduous work to look after their life. When she was honoured with the title of Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism along with her sister, the residents immediately called on her for celebration. The two sisters find their happiness and pleasure in devoting themselves to the welfare of the people and share the effort for better service. When they are tired they encourage each other, and the mutual affection is quite admirable. They say, “Everybody’s affair is important in our society. We regard all people as our own family. We will do more good things for them in the future.”

Article: Rim Ok