The Day of the Shining Star, February 16, when the great leader Kim Jong Il was born, is celebrated as the greatest holiday of the nation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The immortal flower Kimjongilias are in full bloom at the Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Greenhouse in Central District of the capital city Pyongyang, with the significant Day of the Shining Star near at hand. The beautiful flower petals represent the boundless reverence and yearning for Kim Jong Il who devoted himself to the country and people all his life. Cultivator Jong Un Ju says: “From olden times, it is said that flower represents sincerity. Kimjongilias, too, represent our longing for the great Kim Jong Il. Kimjongilias could present themselves as such beautiful flowers thanks to the sincerity of our cultivators to bring them into full bloom all the year round, reflecting the ardent yearning of all the Korean people for Kim Jong Il.”

The greenhouse was built a few years ago. The employees of the greenhouse have cultivated the flowers with utmost care every year with the will to hold Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the Sun of Juche forever.

This year, they actively introduced a scientific cultivating method to make the flowers bigger and more beautiful than ever before while preserving their characteristics of pure breed.

They installed in the greenhouse additional lighting for the growth of the flowers and remodeled a shade for ensuring appropriate light intensity. In contact with a unit concerned, they have introduced an environment monitoring and controlling system which measures and informs the environmental data of the greenhouse including the management of temperature and humidity in real time to put the cultivation on a scientific and technological basis.

Technical study session is held frequently to make the managerial officials learn superior cultivating experiences and skills.

Especially the employees of the greenhouse fertilize, water and raise the flowers in a responsible manner and took scientific and technological measures to bring Kimjongilias into fuller bloom just when the bud began to open. As a result, the flowers get bigger in midwinter.

The flowers cultivated in the greenhouse were highly estimatedseveral times at the Kimjongilia Festivals. Thanks to such sincerity devoted to the cultivation of the flowers reflecting the ardent yearning for Kim Jong Il, the red Kimjongilias will remain in bloom forever everywhere in Korea.