The Pyongyang Medical Appliances & Technology Company in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, is actively contributing to improvement of the people’s health. It develops varieties of new medical appliances while ensuring normal operation of medical appliances including X-ray cameras and CT facilities and remoulding them along modern lines. The facilities they developed include echoencephalograph, biological quantum resonance analyser and portable medical checkup device. They give no inconvenience to people as they seldom contact the body, and need little time in examination. Especially, the portable medical checkup device is popular as it can be connected with mobile phone comprehensively to evaluate the physical condition in any place at any moment in terms of blood pressure, electrocardiogram, plethysmogram, temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate.

Those successes are attributable to efforts of all the staff and the tireless study and enthusiasm of Kim In Chol, director of the company.

Some years ago Kim In Chol decided to make a portable medical checkup device. One day when he visited his old university teacher, he found him being examined by his doctor in charge. The examination took a long time to diagnose. Then the doctor told him to take good care of his blood pressure and come to see him regularly every month. Kim was depressed at seeing it. I graduated from the Kim Chaek University of Technology, and I’m a doctor now. I should make something of practical importance that can give help to people, he made up his mind. Then he had an idea of a portable medical checkup device that could help know quickly main elements of life indices. Soon he embarked upon designing. The most difficulty he faced was how to make it small enough to carry easily. It was really an obstacle. It was inevitable that the equipment would be bulky when the screen was built in. Then, one day he saw his daughter reading newspaper on her mobile phone. Oh, yes! It can be portable when it is connected with the mobile phone, he cried to himself. Thus, basic designs were completed one by one and a lot of scientific and technical problems were solved. The device’s scientific accuracy turned out to be true in the clinical examinations and final test. Kim offered it to his old teacher first.

Now a lot of people use the equipment. Kim says, “We are going to establish a medical service system on the basis of the mobile communication network. Then, people can be given precautionary and medical service about their illness without going to hospital.”

Medical appliances developed by the company won the first prize at the 5th and 6th National Medical Appliances Exhibition. They are now spending busy time making united efforts to develop new varieties of medical appliances which will be helpful to the health improvement.

An Article by Mun Il Jin