Science and technology are the driving forces of progress in the modern world, shaping the course of society and defining the strength and position of nations. The transformative power of science and technology is not lost on the esteemed leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Comrade Kim Jong Un, who envisions a future in which the entire society is rapidly developed through the leading role of science and technology.

Speaking to the importance of science and technology, Department Director of the State Commission of Science and Technology, Pak Hye Gyong, draws an insightful comparison to the eldest son of a family, a beloved figure upon whom parents pin their hopes and trust to take over the family will creditably. Similarly, science and technology hold a critical role in shaping the development of society and the prosperity of nations. Only when science and technology play the role of the eldest son, as Kim Jong Un has emphasised, can we lead the development of the era and society, strengthen national power, and achieve the dreams and ideals of the people.

In the era of the knowledge-based economy, science plays a crucial role as the locomotive for the victory of socialism, providing a shortcut to building a powerful socialist country. Science and technology are the sword of the Party in the struggle for building a powerful socialist country. Through their efforts, science and technology have propelled the socialist construction, acted as the driving force behind state-building, and held the position of the eldest son, serving as the pillar of the family with the greatest belief in him.

Indeed, a powerful socialist country is a sci-tech power, one in which all wealth and happiness are made possible by scientific and technological achievements. As Comrade Kim Jong Un has emphasized, by giving priority to science and technology, we can revitalize production, expect success from technical reconstruction, and achieve comprehensive power and position as a nation.