Sci-Tech Complex is a centre for dissemination of up-to-date science and technology. It was built on the Ssuk Island on the Taedong River in the capital of the DPRK – Pyongyang, under the personal initiative of Kim Jong Un. It was opened on 1st January 2016.

With a shape of a gigantic structure of an atom it sits on a total floor space of over 106 600 square meters. Its unique architecture and figure represents a panoramic viev of the Korean architecture level.

Sci-Tech Complex is a comprehensive e-library that can serve the materials of the recent national and worldwide technological achievements. It also contains the books of science and technology published in Korea from the past. All of them are electronically processed in a comprehensive and systematic way. It’s furnished with massive databases and many e-reading rooms so anybody can have access to the materials as they wish. Moreover, the Sci-Tech Complex has a on-line service and everyone, including scientific research sectors, educational institutions, factories, enterprises as well as private users can get access to the sci-tech materials and publications without leaving home.

It is also equipped with various halls, such as: the Children’s Dream hall, Fundamental Science And Technology Hall, Applied Science And Technology Hall, Earthquake Simulation Hall, Virtual Lab, Indoor Sci-Tech Exhibition Hall. On display in each room and hall are the visual aids, relief maps and models of equipment so that the visitors can learn the knowledge handling them personally.

Outside the Sci-Tech Complex, there are an open-air exhibition of science and technology divided into the districts of future energy and science games, open-air study site, fountain park, unique tower symbolizing science and technology and 500-capacity hotel furnished with all the conveniences.

The light and air-conditioning of the Sci-Tech Complex and hotel are based on the solar heat and geo-thermal power which is eco-friendly and modern initiative showing the current DPRK policy.

As is seen, the Sci-Tec Complex is the greatest evidence showing the great emphasis on the science and technology and the level of their development in Korea. It also reflects current policy of the WPK as the science and technology are the most important ways of developing the DPRK.

360 panoramas:

Thanks to the DPRK Today’s Team initiative, you can explore the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang by 360 panoramas! Click the links below to check it:

Sci-Tech Complex Video

You can watch the documentary about Sci-Tech Complex. It was uploaded recently on our channel.


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