On April 15 1912, the great leader President Kim Il Sung, a peerless patriot and the most outstanding man in the 20th century whom the people of the whole world respect, was born at Mangyongdae in Pyongyang, DPRK.

Kim Il Sung in the days of founding the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army (AJPGA)

Kim Il Sung in the days of founding the Anti-Japanese People’s Guerrilla Army (AJPGA)

Born into a family, which made it the family tradition to love the country, the nation and the people, he was endowed with unexcelled wisdom and warm personality. And under the revolutionary influence of the parents, and in the course of seeking for truth, of witnessing social phenomena full of injustice and conflict, and of struggling against them, the President came to fully acquire the thoroughgoing spirit of anti-imperialist independence, steadfast class stand, scientific insight, outstanding leadership and noble virtues. He thus assumed the personality as a revolutionary leader already in his teens.

Embarking on the road of revolution with the formation of the Down-withImperialism Union in October 1926, the President authored the Juche idea, the guiding ideology of the era of independence, and advanced the Songun-based revolutionary line. With an iron determination to achieve the country’s liberation by force of arms he organized the first revolutionary armed force of Korea and declared a decisive battle against the Japanese imperialists.

Rejoicing over the national liberation.

Rejoicing over the national liberation.

He put forward an original military idea of overwhelming the numerical and technical superiority of the enemy that was armed to teeth, with the political and ideological, strategic and tactical superiority of the revolutionary army. He consistently held fast to it in the whole course of the armed struggle, created and developed new strategic and tactical principles and combat methods as appropriate to guerrilla warfare, and always emerged victorious in fierce battles.

Kim Il Sung among the soldiers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army (standing in the middle of the back row).

Kim Il Sung among the soldiers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army(standing in the middle of the back row).

Cherishing the most ennobling comradeship and trust in the revolutionary soldiers, he achieved the unity of the revolutionary ranks in ideology, purpose and moral obligation. His broad magnanimity firmly rallied the entire Korean nation under the banner of anti-Japanese struggle and aroused them to the anti-Japanese war.

As they held in high esteem the great President Kim Il Sung as the saviour of the nation and the lodestar of the national liberation, the Korean revolutionaries and people were firmly convinced of the bright future even in those grim days and fought out to accomplish the historic cause of the country’s liberation on August 15, 1945.

The immortal achievements of President Kim Il Sung who delivered the Korean nation from the life-and-death crisis and opened up a broad avenue for the prosperity of the country will go down for ever in history.

Article: Choe Kwang Ho