Amid the brisk campaign for harnessing natural energy in the DPRK, the Ryuwon Footwear Factory well-known over the country as a model and standard one in the footwear industry was recently turned into an energy-saving one.

The factory established a 400-kW solar-power supply system, solar water-heating system and dispersive geothermal air-conditioning system to fully ensure energy for the production and management.

The solar-power supply system consists in over 1 000 solar panels, generating control board, batteries, etc.

The solar water-heating system supplies hot water at over 50 degrees Centigrade to cultural and welfare facilities.

What attracts attention in the factory is the dispersive geothermal air-conditioning system, the heat source of which is underground water, waste water and other water resources at above 3 degrees Centigrade. The system can keep the indoor temperature at about 20 degrees Centigrade, though the outdoor temperature falls in over 20 degrees below zero.

The factory also built a soilless greenhouse where such technologies as rainwater collection, methane production based on wastes and drip irrigation were introduced into for increased vegetable production.

When visited the factory in October, respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un expressed satisfaction over its modernization.