A modern soap production centre, Ryongaksan Soap Factory was built under the meticulous care of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un at the foot of Mt. Ryongak known as a place of scenic beauty and clear water.

Arial view of the Ryongaksan Soap Factory

He put a great significance to the construction of this factory which would produce various sorts of liquid soap and detergents and gave instructions on the designs for this factory many times. Moreover, he ensured to send a strong force of construction from the Korean People’s Army, solved all the issues arising in the construction and personally visited the construction site to give it a name.

With a building area of more than 18,400 m² in total the factory is a model, standard and world-level one of all cosmetics factories in Korea.

The management created the construction area and production space on the basis of a sci-tech process design and distributed equipment in a rational way. The remote-controlled and fully automated production lines were made with an integrated manufacturing system in keeping with the characteristics of the factory producing various liquid soap and detergents.

The factory has updated injection presses capable of mass-producing liquid soap containers good in shape and convenient to use and sophisticated analytical equipment for ensuring the quality and hygiene.

The factory produces shampoo, rinse, dish detergents, powder soap and other products. Last October the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited this newly built factory, when he said that this is a factory our Party has a deep concern and the one essential for the improvement of the people’s livelihood.