Ryomyong Street has been splendidly completed amid the festive atmosphere that mounts across the country for celebrating the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

The army and people of the DPRK built the gorgeous socialist fairyland street as big as a city in one year while conducting the intensive drive for recovering from flood damage in North Hamgyong Province, thereby clearly showing the world the high-speed advance of socialist construction, the speed of building a powerful country of our Party.

Sky-scrapers, including the 70-storeyed apartment house and high-rise and multi-storeyed apartment houses built as perfect green buildings based on a formative art to comply with the Party’s unique Juche-based idea on architectural beauty and as required by the new century, form perfect harmony with modern service facilities in the street. This is a grand monument in the era of the Workers’ Party representing the highest civilization, symbolic of the great leaps forward being made by great Kim Jong Un‘s Korea dashing toward the dawn of the final victory.

Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un unfolded the bright blueprint for building Ryomyong Street and provided wise guidance for its construction.

The┬áRyomyong Street, which magnificently sprang up in Pyongyang under the grandiose plan of Kim Jong Un and his wise guidance, will shine as a fairyland in the era of the Workers’ Party, demonstrating the might of Juche Korea dashing toward the bright dawn of a socialist power.