In the run-up to the 105th anniversary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung, Ryomyong Street has risen up in the area of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, supreme sanctuary of Juche. The street that reflects the powerful stamina of socialist Korea was a gift dedicated to the great leaders President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il by the Korean service personnel and people.

The inaugural ceremony of Ryomyong Street, a monumental edifice in the era of the Workers’ Party, was held in splendour on April 13 in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

When the Supreme Leader arrived at the venue of the ceremony amid the playing of welcome music, thunderous cheers of the participants burst forth, and military and civilian builders and a woman scientist presented bouquets of fragrant flowers to him.

Patriotic Song was played and the inaugural address was delivered by Premier Pak Pong Ju.

When Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un cut the tape to inaugurate the new street amid the playing of welcome music, the participants raised cheers, rending heaven and earth, and thousands of colourful balloons soared into the sky.

After the ceremony was over, senior Party, government and military officials and other participants looked round the street.

Ryomyong Street is an everlasting monument to the ennobling love for the people cherished by the Workers’ Party of Korea to make the people enjoy the highest quality and standard of civilization. In March last year the Supreme Leader visited the site to declare the construction project of a new street, naming it Ryomyong Street which means the dawn of the Korean revolution breaks at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where the great leaders are preserved in their lifetime appearances and Ryongnam Hill on which General Kim Jong Il made a historic determination to add glory to Korea. Then he inspired the entire Party, army and people to turn out in the construction.

Ryomyong Street Construction Site, Pyongyang

In hearty response to the Supreme Leader’s appeal, the KPA service personnel, builders and volunteers from all parts of the country waged a campaign to build the street whose scale and workload were two times far more than those of Mirae Scientists Street in a matter of a year while carrying on the enormous reconstruction project for the flood-stricken northern areas.

As Ryomyong Street was built as befits an ideal street for the people, the mightiness of Juche Korea and its inexhaustible potentials for development as well as the invincible mettle of the heroic Korean people rushing forward along the broad avenue to socialism were fully demonstrated.

Article: Choe Kwang Ho