In Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, there is Ryomyong Street which has been wonderfully built to suit the the modern aesthetic sense.

The street which is equivalent to a city is an energy-saving and green street of the 21st century.

Foreigners who looked round the street also praise the Korean people for having built the street based on latest science and technology and greening in a short span of time despite all sanctions and pressure of the hostile forces.

Such wonderful houses for the people could be built in a little over one year thanks to the wise guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un with the love for the people as his disposition.

In March Juche 105(2016), Kim Jong Un declared the building of Ryomyong Street and earnestly said it is another gift of the party for the people.

He examined one thousand and hundreds of miniatures on tens of occasions and visited the construction site to give meticulous guidance time and again so that the street could be built into a place for happy living of the people and into a fairyland in the era of the Workers’ Party.

He called at the street before its completion and warmly said: Vivid in my eyes are the people who would be happy to live there. I had already promised the people to finish the construction of Ryomyong Street till the Day of the Sun, the birthday of President Kim Il Sung. I am really pleased to think that we are able to keep the promise and the day is before long, when we would share another joy with our people.

Songs of happy children and laughter of people are still heard in Ryomyong Street where the people’s dream and ideal come true.

The future of Korea will be changed more beautifully under the leadership of Kim Jong Un who is devoting his all to happiness of the people throughout the country.