More and more establishments in Pyongyang are focusing on roof greening in an effort to improve the living environment.

The Pyongyang Electronic Medical Appliances Factory has laid out a roof garden on top of the Solhyang Health Complex. Flowering and ornamental plants, such as rose, dahlia, zinnia, and eulalia, trees like Japanese apricot and maple, and green lawns are arranged on the roof, making a harmonious blend with rocks of fantastic shapes, artificial waterfalls, paths, benches and other decorative things.

The factory employees spend their leisure time in this roof garden which resembles a cozy park.

The Songyong Delicacy House on Changjon Street in Central District is also benefited from the roof greening. The employees say that as they grow on the roof various kinds of vegetables for the cooking, it is very profitable for environmental protection and business management alike.

The Mirae-dong nursery on Mirae Scientists Street in Phyongchon District is another model unit in roof greening.

It has built an attractive garden on the roof, which covers an area of some 1 000m2 . And a hothouse and an artificial pond are conducive to keeping environment clean and creating various living spaces.

The head of the nursery says that roof greening has many good points including lowering the energy consumption for cooling and heating of the building. Amid the vigorous nationwide campaign to make streets, villages and workplaces thick with trees and flowers, roof greening enjoys growing public attention.

Photo: Choe Won Chol Text: Kang Su Jong