In June a catfish farm was commissioned in Taechon-ri RInsan County, North Hwanghae Province. The area is blessed with hot spring water of 28 C with a daily yield of over 60 m3. The province took necessary measures to complete the project in a short time, giving priority to designing, forming a construction force and securing building materials.

With a water recycling system, the farm has 1 700m 2 of indoor spawning pond, 1 300m 2 of outdoor pond, indoor fattening ground and fry block, integrated control room and feed processing ground. With a mission to supply more than two million fry a year to cities and counties in the province, the farm pays close attention to scientific and technological breeding of catfish.

A great effort is put to the improvement of the employees’ technical skills and qualifications and the operation of sci-tech learning space, so as to introduce the advanced fish farming methods. Scientific fish breeding system is established, thus ensuring water temperature and oxygen content, artificial and natural fertilization and hatching.

Along with this, it has solved itself the hypophysis problem to lay a solid foundation for producing millions of fry a year. New feed processing method has been introduced to lower the feed consumption rate, raise protein content and feed absorption rate. Solar energy is widely used in the farm’s management. Good physiographical conditions and scientific fish farming render a great contribution to increasing its profit.