A strong wind of developing cutting-edge science and technology is being raised across the DPRK in accordance with the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to build a socialist power by dint of science and technology.

At the Phurunhaneul Corporation - With pride in producing high-quality goods.

At the Phurunhaneul Corporation – With pride in producing high-quality goods.

The Phurunhaneul Corporation is now developing and manufacturing various kinds of electronic products, giving full play to the self-development-first spirit. When it started operation in May last year, it set a goal of making its Phurunhanul-brand electronic products famous and favoured by everybody. Its brand means blue sky in Korean.

Thanks to the strenuous efforts it has made over a year, it has now laid perfect foundations for the manufacture of hundreds of thousands of electronic products with a world-class competitive edge every year by relying on its own strength and technology.

It is furnished with lines for designing boards for electronics, manufacturing, assembling products, testing and packing them. It manufactures quality boards through surface mount technology (SMT) and THT assembly lines.

The electronic products assembly line is equipped with PLC-controlled system and automatic horizontal and vertical lifting system. The company has its competent personnel for working out management strategies and developing technologies.

Its management board and research group staffed with young people in their twenties and thirties have developed programs needed in production and management and an integrated manufacturing system and are working on developing various high-performance electronic products that suit local conditions.

Various kinds of PCs, analog and digital LED TVs, USBs and other electronic products of the corporation are winning popularity for their diverse functions and high quality.