The universal secondary compulsory education system has been in force in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea since November 1, Juche 47(1958).

Over the past 60 years since then, the popular educational policy of the state for education of the rising generations has been further deepened and the universal 12-year compulsory education system is in force with success.

Teachers of the Tongdaewon Senior Middle School in Tongdaewon District of the capital city Pyongyang are devoting all their wisdom and passion with the consciousness that they are in direct charge of the secondary general education.

Vice-Principal Pae Song Hui says:

“I think it is very important to improve the quality of the secondary general education in making an educational revolution of the new century.

Our school gives priority to raising the qualifications of the teachers and directs great efforts to improving their educational and practical qualifications. At the same time, it strives to steadily improve the educational conditions and environment according to the demand of the developing times.”

The school has been highly estimated at national contests and exhibitions such as the workshop on teaching methods and the exhibition of experimental apparatuses and teaching aids.

The school induces the teachers to acquire a wide knowledge of adjacent disciplines as well as their major subjects and constantly find new teaching methods of significance in educational practice to improve the quality of lessons decisively. As part for improving the qualifications of teachers, it often organizes departmental teaching competition, workshop on teaching methods and demonstration class, which increase their zeal.

The school introduces excellent teachers with high results in teaching of their subjects on several occasions and generalizes their experiences.

In the course, the teachers are firmly prepared as able educators with wide knowledge and rich experiences in teaching. This year many teachers have become October 8 model instructors and introduced the technology of virtual reality to teaching. As the qualifications of the teachers are raised and the educational conditions and environment improved, greater progress is made in the ability of the schoolchildren.

Vice-Principal Pae Song Hui says: “In the future, too, we will constantly improve the quality of education and thus discharge our responsibility and duty as educators in bringing up our schoolchildren better as pillars for the building of a powerful socialist country.”