The Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory of Korea has recently developed new-type trolley buses, making a great contribution to the passenger transport of the capital.

The factory was established in April Juche 48(1959). It has produced different types of trolley buses for tens of years since its establishment. It is divided into different sectors including processing workshop, motor workshop and bus assembly workshop and equipped with modern machines and facilities.

The factory manufactured the trolley bus for the first time in October Juche 50(1961).

Chollima 911 Trolley Bus

The great leader Kim Il Sung came to the factory and guiding the trial run of the bus, highly appreciated that it is a big progress for our country to have manufactured the trolley bus. And he named it “Chollima 911”.

Afterwards, too, he visited the factory several times and earnestly called for producing more trolley buses so that the capital citizens could live in a pollution-free city.True to his intention, the great leader Kim Jong Il paid deep concern to the work of the factory, saying the traffic means of the city should be tram cars and trolley buses.

The great leaders’ love for the people is being carried forward by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un called at the factory in January Juche 107(2018). After going round the factory rebuilt on a modern basis, he saw a new trolley bus. Attentively looking at the trolley bus to be used by people, he taught one by one how to manufacture it more conveniently and wonderfully.

Manager Kim Hae Song says:

“A few days later, on February 4, we had the honour of meeting the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un again.

Though it was a new-type trolley bus he had learned about before, he came late at night to guide the trial run, saying he would feel relieved when he himself got on it. Aboard the bus that day, he said with a bright smile on his face: It is reliable. Speed is good and the technical state of the bus is also good. I feel easy like at home as it was made by our workers and so, our people would like it very much.”¬†Upon hearing the news of his field guidance to the factory, the Korean people more keenly felt his warm love for the people. The new-type trolley buses are running along the streets of the capital city, carrying the lofty love of Kim Jong Un for the people.