In the long historic course people have brewed varieties of liquor according to raw materials, additives and brewing methods. Many famous liquors came into being in all regions and some of them represented the country.

In the world there are many national liquors boasting of the long history, culture and tradition. But they belong to the rich as they are exorbitantly expensive high-grade liquors produced with a lot of costs.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea a popular liquor the people like most has become the national liquor. The national liquor of the DPRK is Pyongyang Soju whose alcohol is 25 percent.

The Pyongyang Soju is produced at the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory in the suburbs of Pyongyang.

Its main ingredients are corn and rice.

The liquor represents the simple and sentimental feelings of the Korean people and the fresh territory of Korea which is famous for its beautiful mountains and clear water. So it is characterized by its purity yet mildness, and palatable and refreshing flavour.

It was awarded the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, the best sci-tech prize of the DPRK, and the December 15 Quality Medal which is awarded to the best goods at home.