The Central Zoo at the foot of the scenic Mt. Taesong is a cultural recreation centre giving optimism and pleasure to the people.

People are pleased to see the Central Zoo reminiscent of a fairyland.

The Central Zoo is associated with the devoted efforts of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for the people.

In May Juche 101(2012) he visited the Central Zoo associated with the immortal exploits of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and conceived a plan to renovate it according to the demand of the times.

That day, he said structures should be built to meet the ecological characteristics of animals and promote the greatest convenience to the visitors. He stressed the need to build a new main building symbolizing the Central Zoo at the entrance and pay attention to increasing the number of rare animals with good ornamental effect.

Afterwards, too, he took a step to build the comprehensive Natural History Museum which can give a rich knowledge and common sense of animals and plants to the school youth and children and working people.

In May Juche 105(2016) he visited the Natural History Museum and the Central Zoo before their completion.

Looking round the Natural History Museum, Kim Jong Un said another peculiar educational base, a cultural recreation centre, has been built for the people and school youth and children.

Looking at the full view of the Central Zoo, he said with satisfaction: It is really wonderful. From the moment they enter the bulky main building depicting the tiger of Mt. Paektu, people will be wrapped in joy and optimism. The intention of the party to provide the people with good cultural conditions has been realized successfully.

Going round different places of the Central Zoo, he said they have been built in a unique way and added that the visitors will enjoy themselves there in all seasons. The Central Zoo built under the great loving care of the Workers’ Party of Korea greatly pleases people.