Pungsan dog is native to the area of Kim Hyong Gwon County (former Pungsan County) in Ryanggang Province.

From a long time ago, it has been famous for its smartness and bravery with high resistance to cold and disease. 2015-06-23-1

Pungsan Dog has a round head with short snout, black or grey eyes and small, triangular pick-ears. Its neck is short yet thick and its furry color is white or yellowish white. She-dog has 55-58 cm long trunk and he-dog 57-60 cm long trunk, weighing approx. 18-24 kg.

It whelps 2-3 puppies or 6 to the maximum in 60-70 days after copulation.

The Pungsan dog has been beloved as a hound by the Korean people from long ago for its strong fighting spirit and courage.

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