Now the entire fellow Koreans in the north and the south support and welcome the Phanmunjom Declaration representing the aspirations and desire of the nation.

The Phanmunjom Declaration adopted on April 27 is a milestone of national reunification provided by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un with ardent love for the nation.

Kim Jong Un attached importance to the issue of reunification of the country in his New Year Address for this year and set Phanmunjom in constant supertension where the north and the south of Korea stand face to face, their guns aimed at each other, as the venue of the Third North-South Summit Talks.

The moment he crossed the demarcation line into the southern zone at 9 sharp, warm tears rolled down the cheeks of the fellow countrymen.

The Korean people have been thirsty for national reunification and peace for more than 70 years.

Crossing the demarcation line of Phanmunjom, he resolutely denied the prohibition line and brought down in an instant the barrier of division in the minds of the fellow countrymen, throwing the whole world into a crucible of great impact, wild enthusiasm, cheers and admiration.

That day Kim Jong Un met the south Korean President Moon Jae In. Referring to the very significant meeting at Phanmunjom, symbol of division and confrontation, he said the meeting at the unusual place itself would be an opportunity to give hope and dream for the future to all people.

Emphasizing that he was feeling the sense of national mission and duty to terminate the history of division and confrontation and open up a new era of peace and reunification, he said he had come with the feeling of firing a signal pistol on the starting line of a new history. Planting a tree in memory of the summit, he called for developing the hard-won trend of the improved north-south relations along with the tree with a will to be the base manure, soil covering the precious root and shelter keeping off rainstorm and for shaping the future together in the spirit as strong as the evergreen pine tree. His speech struck the nation with admiration.

Every phrase of the precious speech represented his noblest love for the nation and strong will for independent reunification.

His desire for reunification and peace was reflected on his handwriting in the visitor’s book before the talks; “A new history starts now. At the starting point of the history, an era of peace. Kim Jong Un. April 27, 2018.”

Seeing the historic handwriting, the entire Korean nation warmly felt that Kim Jong Un devoting his all to accomplishing the cause of national reunification without hesitation is the hope of the fellow countrymen and the brilliant sun shining on the land of golden tapestry.

That day Kim Jong Un, together with President Moon Jae In, signed the “Phanmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula”.

He provided all the fellow countrymen with a new milestone of epochal significance in relinking the severed bloodline of the nation and bringing earlier the future of co-prosperity and independent reunification.

He is ushering in a grand new era of history, overlooking the world with daring spirit. Looking up to him, the entire fellow countrymen are convinced that a new morn of national reunification desired so much by the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il would come before long.

Kim Jong Un has provided a turning phase for the development of the inter-Korean relations and opened up a new era of national reconciliation and unity, peace and prosperity with his infinitely noble compatriotism and uncommon political ability and his undying exploits will go down forever in the history of the Korean nation.