These days officials and scientists of the Geological Institute of the State Academy of Sciences in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are making successes in their scientific researches in support of the strategic line presented at the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Well aware that geological prospecting is an important work to explain the country’s geological composition and find out all the underground resources and thus speed up the building of a powerful socialist country, they went out to different fields in many parts of the country and solved many scientific and technological issues arising in the survey of underground resources and their effective use.

The maritime geological research group of the institute found out a new mineral deposit in the waters under research in the course of making survey in the Korean east coastal area last year on the basis of the research data of the past.

Now the mineral feed additives developed by the applied mineralogical research group of the institute have been introduced to the Pyongyang Catfish Farm, proving greatly effective in raising growth rate of catfish.

Scientists of the geochemical research group went to the Hyesan Youth Mine and estimated and confirmed anew on a scientific basis the geological deposits and grade of the nonferrous ore of the mine in cooperation with local geological prospecting technicians.

All the officials and scientists of the institute including those scientists involved in the lithological research group and the scientific experimental apparatus research group have made many successes in their researches to survey and confirm valuable mineral resources and establish a new prospecting technology.

The scientists of the institute are conducting vigorous scientific researches, well aware that the struggle to implement the strategic line of the party on concentrating all efforts on the economic construction is unthinkable apart from the rapid development of science and education.

Section Chief O Hak Myong says:

“We will study and survey more mineral deposits, making an active contribution to putting the national economy on a Juche-oriented basis.”