In Juche 106(2017) the Korean people have made proud achievements in the building of an economic giant in hearty response to the call of the Workers’ Party of Korea for accelerating the victorious advance of socialism with the great spirit of self-reliance and self-development as the dynamic force. Despite vicious sanctions of the US imperialists and their followers the officials and workers in different units of the national economy fully displayed the might of self-development and made a great success in putting the production processes on a Juche-oriented and modern basis.

The officials and workers of the Samchon Catfish Farm have completed a huge modernization project of its compound covering tens of thousand square metres in a short span of time, true to the plan of the Workers’ Party of Korea on modernizing the farm as required by the new century. Cutting-edge technology has been introduced and the intelligent, IT-based and digitized computer integrated manufacturing system established in conformity with the demand of the era of knowledge-based economy, making it possible to conduct business activities scientifically. And various efficacious feed additives have been developed and a swelling feed production process built and as a result, it has been turned into a model and standard farm of catfish farming.

The Ryuwon Footwear Factory has been wonderfully rebuilt into a model unit and standard factory in the field of footwear industry, making a great contribution to the development of light industry of the country. The officials, employees, scientists and technicians of the factory, displaying the spirit of self-development, have finished construction work of vast area and modernization of equipment by July and thus turned the factory into a modern footwear producer of great capacity which can produce one million and hundreds of thousand sports shoes of different kinds and sports shoes for professionals of different events every year. The factory has manufactured and installed modern equipment including shoemaking line by itself, making the production processes Juche-oriented and modern.

The Sungni Motor Complex has carried out with success the new-type lorry production task given by the WPK by fully displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. The Amnokgang Tyre Factory has also played a big role in putting the large vehicle production on a Juche-oriented and modern basis. The officials and workers of the factory have built a new large tyre production process depending on domestic equipment, not on imported one, in a short period and successfully made new-type large tyres which are much more superior to the imported ones in major physical and mechanical property. In the course of producing the newly-developed large tyres they powerfully confirmed that the decision of the WPK is precisely a science and victory and proved in practice once again that when they display the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance, there is neither a fortress not to be scaled nor a difficulty not to be overcome.

All other people across the country have made successive surprising successes making a genuine contribution to the building of a socialist economic giant, bravely bridging over all trials and difficulties under the banner of Juche-orientation and modernization. Through the proud successes achieved in Juche 106(2017) the Korean people clearly showed to the whole world that the socialist cause of Korea is invincible, which is vigorously advancing with the great spirit of self-reliance and self-development as the dynamic force.