In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the national music with peculiar flavor of the nation is developing day by day according to the modern aesthetic sense under the wise leadership of the respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, who is paying a great attention to the development of the national musical art.

Training reserves is very important in developing such national music.

The Faculty of National Musical Instruments of the Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun Conservatory, the pedigree establishment for producing future musicians, is turning out many talented national musicians.

Ri Jong Gum, Head of a Department of the Faculty, says:

“The respected Kim Jong Un gave us important instructions several times on encouraging and developing the national music, giving good education of national music in particular and firmly carrying on the line of national music players. We continue to concentrate our efforts on improving the teaching contents and methods with emphasis put mainly on inducing the students to understand the charm and flavor of the national music and make an active use of it in performance. At present, active efforts are made to write textbooks and reference books of high level and create excellent teaching methods and means which can be generalized in the field of art education.”

The teachers of the faculty are devoting their wisdom and energy to making the students preserve the execution of national musical instruments.

Especially, they bring home to the students the issues on giving mixed performance with national flavour by making good use of the unique characteristics of the Korean national music. They also induce the students to know the Korean rhythm well and display the national charm and interest in their performance.

Graduates of the faculty are loved by people as national music players at a number of art organizations including the National Folk Art Troupe.

Now all the students of the Faculty of National Musical Instruments of the Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun Conservatory are growing into promising national musicians.