The Moranbong Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory in the capital Pyongyang is not so big, but it has many prides.

It overfulfills its yearly assignment under the national economic plan every year and modernized itself on a high level. And all its employees live and work like the same family members.

When they talk about the prides of the factory, they would associate them with their cultivation of flowers.

Worker Ri Yong Ok says:

“The employees of our factory are very interested in floriculture. So, they get more emotional and have stronger desire to work and higher creative enthusiasm as the days go by, I think. It can be said this leads to increased production.”

Although they are busy with production, they read books on floriculture in spare time to broaden their common knowledge.

Various kinds of flowers they grow with sincerity are seen not only in the offices and compound of the factory but also in their families.

These photos show some of those flowers.

Floriculture has become a common emotional life to them.

The employees of the factory always say that only the people leading emotional life can have warm humanity and achieve great successes in their work.