Today Korean women are devoting their all to the country and people.

Among them are the women lecturers of the Korean Revolution Museum who perform the honourable mission of encouraging the people to the revolutionary struggle.

They have an unusual pride. It is the honour of a revolutionary serving the country and people under the trust of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un and the Worker’s party of Korea.

Rim Hyang Gum, Section Chief of the Korean Revolution Museum, says.

“On March 27, 2017 the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the Korean Revolution Museum and showed the greatest trust in us, lecturers. That day he said our party firmly believes in the lecturers as it attaches a great importance to the Korean Revolution Museum. He gave valuable appreciation that the lecturers are the revolutionaries defending the revolutionary history and exploits of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the revolutionary historical relics of our party. Indeed, there are many women in the world, but none of them is happier than our women who are remembered by the leader and lead a brilliant life of a revolutionary and hard-core element under the deep trust of the party and the leader.”

When he visited the Korean Revolution Museum that day, Kim Jong Un said: The Korean Revolution Museum is the greatest of national treasures and a textbook of revolution. The history of the great Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is that of socialist Korea. It is an important issue related to the outcome of revolution to strengthen the education in revolutionary traditions now that the generation of revolution has changed and the enemy has become desperate in their moves to stand in our way.

The party is firmly believing the lecturers. The lecturers are genuine hard-core elements explaining the brilliant revolutionary history of the party.

The lecturers should grasp the main points of the contents of lectures in accordance with the party policy, give lectures in plain language, vividly, truthfully and impressively with various forms and methods and give traveling lectures in a positive way, he added.

Listening to him who gave specific instructions on the practical problems related to lectures, the lecturers warmly felt how great the trust and expectation of the party and the leader for them was.

A few months later, in August Kim Jong Un sent his kind gifts to the lecturers on the occasion of the founding anniversary of the museum.

Today the visitors to the Korean Revolution Museum are firmly resolved to uphold the intention of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un with loyalty, listening to the passionate explanation of the lecturers. The women lecturers are leading a life of revolutionary under the trust of the leader.