Many scientists devote themselves to scientific researches in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Among them are married couple Han Chol Hun and Kim Hye Rim conducting their scientific researches at the State Academy of Sciences. Doctor Han Chol Hun is a researcher of the Earth and Environment Information Institute of the Academy. His wife Dr. Kim Hye Rim is working as section chief of the Environmental Engineering Institute of the Academy. They unusually love their jobs.

While conducting scientific researches over the past 20-odd years, they have always pooled their wisdom and passion, thinking how to present even one more valuable scientific research findings conducive to the building of a powerful country.

Although their domains of research are different, they discussed issues arising in their researches to find out solutions of the issues.

In those days, researcher Han Chol Hun presented valuable scientific research findings one after another including a great contribution to the increase of power production at large-scale hydropower plants.

Not to lag behind her husband, his wife Kim Hye Rim rendered great services to solving scientific and technological issues for environmental protection including the establishment of high purifying technology which can remove waste gas more effectively.

For their merits they were awarded the title of Merited Scientist and Doctorate. The state also highly decorated them and repeatedly showed them favours to be told generation after generation.

Now they are working hard invariably to do justice to the favours of the country that has valued them, ordinary scientists, so highly.

Dr. Han Chol Hun says: “I think the pride of our scientists lies in presenting valuable scientific research findings conducive to the implementation of the plan and intention of the mother party–the Workers’ Party of Korea. We will, in the future, too, as in the past, pool our wisdom and passion in researches to solve scientific and technological issues whose solutions are urgent in practice.”

His wife Kim Hye Rim says: “This year, too, we promised each other to make greater successes in our scientific researches in hearty response to the New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. As an expert in the field of environmental engineering, I will solve advanced scientific and technological issues arising in the development and application of new energy which can solve the energy issue while protecting environment and thus contribute, though little, to reenergizing the whole of the economic construction.”