In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, many people leave vivid traces of life in the history of building a prosperous and powerful country with pure conscience, devotion and passion. They are called meritorious person of socialist patriotism.

Among them is Hyon Myong Hui, Head of Sopho Nursery No. 1 in Hyongjesan District of the capital Pyongyang.

She has been devoting herself to children for over 40 years since she became a nurse in her girlhood.

She has always taken warm care of them like the mother, understanding the psychology of the children who are dependent on their mothers and find it difficult to accept strange surroundings.

After she started to work as the Head of Sopho Nursery No. 1 in Hyongjesan District, she had its old building pulled down and rebuilt anew. The nursery reminiscent of a fairyland is fully equipped with the rooms necessary for the nursing and upbringing of children such as the intellectual play room.

Hyon Myong Hui says:

“I think no other job is more worthwhile than the one to bring up the children in our socialist system where they are regarded as kings of the country. After improving its nursing environment, the nursery is now directing efforts to taking better care of nutrition of the children and developing their intelligence and artistic talents.”

Thanks to her efforts, the nursery invented many stereoscopic visual aids and intelligent toys which are conducive to enhancing the children’s thinking faculty and concentration.

The colour matching by use of various toys and other games enjoy the people’s admiration as they suit the children’s mind and raise the cognitive effect.

The nursery plays a big role in improving the nutrition administration of the children as it has a general stable equipped with rabbit, hen and duck houses and feed analysis room, mushroom cultivation ground and vegetable greenhouse.

Hyon Myong Hui thinks more than anybody else and devotes her wisdom and passion for the nursing and upbringing of children, and finds her pride and honour of life in it.