February 8, Juche 37 (1948), is the day when the Korean People’s Army was founded.

After its liberation from Japan’s colonial rule on August 15, 1945, founding a powerful national army in Korea presented itself as a vital and important historic task in the building of an independent and sovereign state.

It was very difficult to build modern and regular armed forces in the country at that time as everything was destroyed due to the aftermath of the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule.

Flunkeyists and dogmatists at home insisted, talking about “prematurity”, that it was impossible to build a regular army without outsiders’ help. In the meantime, the alien forces occupying the south of Korea got hell-bent on the war preparations to invade the north, setting up and enlarging their military establishments.

Under such complicated situation and many-fold difficulties, President Kim Il Sung set forth the army building as one of the three tasks for building a new country and clarified the unique policy of independently building a regular revolutionary army, an army which inherits the traditions of the anti-Japanese guerrillas and is fully prepared politically and ideologically.

He indicated the line of building a revolutionary army embracing sons and daughters of the working masses with the revolutionary fighters trained in the crucible of the anti-Japanese armed struggle as its backbone.

To train commanding officers, he appointed the site for Pyongyang Institute on the spot and paid deep attention to the educational work at the bases for training military and political cadres, including the Central Security Officers Training School.

Under his energetic guidance, various services and arms units like tank, artillery, engineering and signal corps were organized and a foundation for independent ordnance industry was laid to produce arms including submachine gun, mortar, hand-grenade, cannonball and bullet. Thus, regular revolutionary armed forces came into being in less than three years after Korea’s liberation.

Thanks to the birth of the regular army, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea could reliably maintain its sovereignty and independence from the very day of its foundation on September 9, 1948.