The officials and researchers of the Latest Science and Technology Exchange Agency of Kim Il Sung University are making successes these days in the development of latest technology by giving priority to science and technology.

Ri Myong Il, official of the agency, says. “We have directed great efforts to the development of latest technology with a single mind to radically develop science and technology by fully displaying the national pride, not following others. As a result, we have made many valuable achievements in the researches conducive to putting the national economy on a Juche-oriented basis and improving the people’s living.

Especially, the green casting technique we have established has many advantages. It makes it possible to produce any castings of complicated shapes, greatly lower production cost, ensure high quality of castings and improve working environment. So it is of great economic utility.”

Director Im Wan Bin and other officials of the agency regarded it as an important business operation strategy to lay weight on science and technology. On this basis, they have definitely turned all work of the agency into development- and creation-oriented ones.

They set it as the main task to solve scientific and technological problems waiting for immediate solution in different sectors of the national economy and encouraged the researchers to carry it out.

What they attached importance to in the researches was to produce relevant castings by advanced casting method, not by the traditional one. Therefore, they began researches from delving into documents concerning the casting techniques.

In the course of repeated quest, the officials and researchers of the agency learned the green casting technique and directed researches to making it completely ours.

They designed and manufactured equipment needed for the new casting process by themselves and simulated the casting and designed the casting pattern rationally according to the actual conditions with concerted creative wisdom and passion.

In those days, there were turns and twists due to repeated failures, but they pushed forward the researches with burning resolve to complete it at any cost.

They expedited the researches one by one through active drive for outpacing others and learning from them and swapping experiences.

Thanks to their patriotic enthusiasm to make a contribution to the Juche-orientation of the national economy, an advanced casting technique to maximize the quality of steel and other castings has been established rationally in keeping with the actual conditions of the country.

Now the green casting technique is widely introduced and generalized in different units, making a great contribution to putting the national economy on a Juche-oriented and modern basis.

Ri Myong Il says. “The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, in his historic New Year Address, said a breakthrough should be made in reenergizing the overall economic front this year, the third year of the five-year strategy for national economic development.

In hearty response to his New Year Address, we will definitely orient the scientific researches to enhancing the independence and Juche character of the national economy. We will launch a dynamic drive for surpassing the cutting edge with a higher goal and thus achieve more world-level successes in the researches.”