The Posong Mushroom Farm is in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The farm produces large quantities of mushrooms of different kinds which are popular for their rich nutriments including protein.

The total floor space of the farm is thousands of square metres. The farm consists of more than 10 cultivation blocks and the production method has been put on a highly industrial and intensive basis.

The farm has all conditions needed for mushroom growing including the fungus production process. It produces mushrooms with the method of transplanting the original fungus to the nutritive substrate by taking advantage of active propagation character of the mushrooms.

The mushrooms produced at the farm are supplied to people on a regular basis through commercial service bases as they are suited to the climatic features of the country and their productivity is high.

The farm was built under the concern of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un visited the farm in June Juche 102(2013) and went round different places to learn in detail about the mushroom cultivation method. He also looked round the fungus production, substrate preparation and cultivation processes.

That day he indicated the orientation and ways to improve the diet of people on a higher level by building many similar mushroom farms in the future. And he said it would be good for the farm to make a technical manual for mushroom cultivation well in the future and send it to different institutions.

Looking at the farm again and again, he said with a bright smile on his face that it is a smart farm. His image is kept deep in the minds of the people as that of a kindhearted father.

There are countries boasting of mushroom cultivation technology as well as those countries with a long history of mushroom cultivation.

But there has never been such a leader in any place and in any era as Kim Jong Un who regarded the mushroom cultivation as an important policy issue for improving the people’s diet and made painstaking efforts to rouse all people across the country to the campaign of mushroom cultivation.

Today, too, the farm is giving pleasure to the people by producing a large amount of mushrooms in all seasons.