The IT goods produced by the Achim Computer Joint Venture Company in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are popular at home. Here Achim means morning.

Though it is not long after its establishment, the company has made a tangible contribution to the IT development of the country. It became one of the 10 best IT enterprises in 2019 thanks to the high enthusiasm of its employees to make products with competitive edge by their own technology. The company regards it as the key for development of new goods and new technologies to develop those ones that can be used by everybody for their low costs and convenience.

Many IT products including tablets made at the company are widely used for the development of science and technology of the country, education and cultural and emotional life.

The “Achim”-trademarked infrared electronic blackboard developed by the company gives a great help to putting the education on a modern and IT basis. The electronic blackboard gives an excellent effect of writing on the blackboard, and at the same time it can display various digital information in diverse ways and strengthen the interaction between teacher and students. This effective means of teaching is widely applied to the educational practice. The company also set a goal to develop an interface for industrial information which is of great significance in automating the production processes with its own strength and technology and energetically pushed ahead with its research, registering a success.

The interface is winning popularity for its good performance capable of putting the production management on a higher IT basis.

It can store a lot of rational programs for production of goods. The use of the interface makes it possible to go over to the process of producing any goods with ease. After all, it makes the production processes flexible.

Engineer Ji Chol Ho says: “The IT goods including the single-unit browser and the single-unit computer with storage battery fully demonstrate their good points amid active efforts for dissemination of science and technology throughout the country. The products of our company will continue to develop thanks to the unanimous desire of its officials and employees to make advanced goods by their own technology.”