In September we visited the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory which is producing Pomhyanggi cosmetics. The factory is located in the area of Sokha-dong, Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province, surrounded with good species of trees like dawn redwood and maple. The scenery was as beautiful as a picture. What made us more pleasant was the aroma from the fl owers in full bloom and the fruits of trees growing in the compound of the factory. First we met Kim Hye Yong, general manager of the factory.

She said, “Our factory has a history of nearly 70 years. It is now producing more than 270 kinds of cosmetics—basic cosmetics, men’s cosmetics, functional cosmetics and medicinal cosmetics.”

Then she guided us to the soap workshop. The workshop was neat and clean, and its production lines were germ and dust-free. As we were looking at bars of toilet soap falling off the conveyor of the fl ow line, she told us that the workshop produces thousands of tons of toilet soap and over a thousand ton of soap powder a year. Next we went to the basic cosmetics workshop, where all the processes—mixing, aging, injection, packaging and container sterilization—were put on an automatic, flow-line basis.

Kim said with pride that many of the equipment of the factory including AGVs were designed and manufactured by its technicians and skilled workers and at the machine factories in the province. Then we went to the integrated production control room, where two technicians were controlling all the production processes of the factory.

They were controlling the production command, the management of technical processes and business management scientifically and comprehensively, she said. Then she told us about the workers’ devoted efforts to develop their factory. Her story enabled us to feel the spiritual world of the workers who had overcome all bottlenecks and difficulties by their own efforts and made a great progress.

The more we looked round the factory, the better we could understand their spirit of self-reliance and self-development. Now the general manager led us to the Pomhyanggi cosmetics exhibition room, where varieties of cosmetics were displayed.

The Pomhyanggi cosmetics are now very popular at home and abroad, she said and added that they would develop more cosmetics suited to the tastes, ages and constitution of the customers of various social strata. With a firm belief that the fragrance of Pomhyanggi would spread farther and faster along with the spirit of self-reliance and self-development, we left the factory.