Schoolchildren are now in winter vacation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

During their vacation, schoolchildren are reviewing what they learned and training their body and mind.

The children of the Ryomyong Primary School in Taesong District in the capital city Pyongyang are spending winter vacation with study and colorful games.

Their pleasure is special perhaps because it is their first winter vacation in the newly-built excellent Ryomyong Street.

Sin Ok Hyang, instructor of the Children’s Union, says:  “Winter vacation is a pleasant time all schoolchildren wait for.

During the vacation, the Children’s Union Committee of the school organizes sports activities including folk games among the schoolchildren. The committee also organizes various cultural life including appreciation of films after study to prepare all the schoolchildren as pillars of thriving Korea possessed of high cultural attainments.”

The school ensures that the schoolchildren study and enjoy life in a diverse way during vacation.

The school requires teachers to work out and implement specific plans of the work to be done during vacation.

During vacation, teachers go to study groups organized in different areas and give effective education to the schoolchildren and lead them to review what they learned.

In order to spend winter vacation pleasantly, the schoolchildren work out daily timetables and are spending a pleasant time every day in their study groups.

They study in their study groups in the morning and read books at the library and dream childish dreams at the Sci-Tech Complex and the Natural History Museum in the afternoon.

Ryo Song U says: “I have been to the Sci-Tech Complex with my friends. What was most interesting was the Children’s Dream Hall. I took an airplane and drove a submarine there. When I grow up, I will become a physicist like my father, a scientist making planes and submarines.”

Some schoolchildren are spending afternoon, learning table-tennis, dance and musical instruments according to their aptitude and tastes.

They are spending a pleasant time during the winter vacation, making march through snowy road and enjoying top spinning and sleighing and other folk games.