Many touching stories have been written in the history of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Among them is an impressive story about the girl soldiers of the Persimmon Company who had pictures taken with the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un as his close comrades.

It rained almost every day in Korea in August Juche 101(2012).

Kim Jong Un was making the march of Songun-guided leadership every day, exposing himself to rain, and one day he inspected the Persimmon Company.

The rain stopped and the sun in the clear sky was brightly shining on the land.

The soldiers of the company met longed-for Kim Jong Un at their post so unexpectedly that they ran towards him, crying and smiling for joy.

They called: “Marshal!”. Their excited shout echoed far and wide across the sea.

The red sweet briers on the sand beach also seemed to be smiling for joy.

Kim Jong Un beamed all over his face, with the girl soldiers in his arms.

He looked round the barracks, kitchen and education room of the company one after another and expressed satisfaction. And he said the Persimmon Company is a proud company widely known along with the history of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership of the WPK.

As time passed by, the soldiers of the company wished that the time they were staying with him would be everlasting.

Understanding their reluctance to part with him, Kim Jong Un faced camera with each of them standing by himself.

The soldiers had pictures taken with him arm in arm and Kim Jong Un was standing for a long time with a bright smile on his face.

It was a scene representing the true aspect of Korea where the leader and the people have formed an integral whole.

Later, watching the scene of the day in a documentary, people were moved to tears, and said:

Such a man is leading us. The soldiers and other people are basking in love and trust of such a great man.