Many trees are planted on a nationwide and all-people campaign in Korea.

The Anju City Forestry Management Station in South Phyongan Province has consolidated the material and technical foundations of tree nurseries according to the regional conditions and produces a lot of saplings and plants them on the mountains.

The station has built a modern parent tree nursery as demanded by the developing times.

It has built a fine sapling humus-cake production site, seed-treatment site, underground sapling depots and other facilities related to sapling production at the parent nursery and solves all the issues arising in sapling production with its efforts and technology.

The station irrigates the nurseries in a scientific and technological way according to the stages of growth of different species of saplings while saving a lot of water through the use of gravity-fed spraying irrigation system.

Besides, it has established a number of dispersive nurseries and sapling plots between woods and built a sunshade blind production centre by itself, laying a firm foundation to rapidly increase sapling production.

It also induces the employees to learn advanced science and technology related to afforestation and forest protection through the sci-tech learning space.

Besides, the station ensures that forestry rangers perform their responsibility and role in protecting forest such as prevention of forest fire and damages by harmful insects.

Manager Pak Sok says: “With a deep understanding of the importance of our duty in the present forest restoration campaign to make the mountains of the country thick with green woods, we will work with pure conscience for afforestation and forest conservancy.

We will do afforestation and forest conservancy in a far-sighted and responsible manner, guided by the important task advanced by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address for this year. So we will change all the mountains in the city into thick-wooded golden mountains and treasure mountains in the near future.”