It is said that the wish of the people is the will of Heaven.

History knows that tyrants who turned their backs on the people and lorded it over them were all short-lived. The same is the case with Park Geun Hye, present south Korean ruler.

When she ran for presidency as the representative of the Saenuri Party four years ago, she styled herself a woman prepared for the presidency and came up with various election promises that she would make the south Korean economy democratic, bring happiness to its people and welfare to commoners, create an era of safety for people, and the likes.

However, no sooner had she come into power than she nullified all her pledges. Worse still, she put the whole of south Korea under reactionary and conservative rule and evil labour reform, making it a land barren of democracy, a living hell and a modern slave community.

She enacted or revised several laws, such as five-point labour reform law which gives preferential treatments to 1% of the haves and enslaves the remaining 99% and the law on income tax which exempts the rich from taxation and offers them privileges, while forcibly administering economic policies. As a result, south Korean businesses went bankrupt in a chain-reaction and the number of the unemployed and underemployed soared to 4.5 million and 10 million respectively. The national debt rocketed to a record high of 1.17 trillion dollars whereas the indices indicative of the overall economy and livelihood hit the global minimum.

In these worsening conditions a growing number of south Koreans abandons everything in life, and south Korea tops suicide rankings with over 15 000 suicides every year.

Under the rule of Park south Korea has turned into a living hell

The sinking of ferry Sewol in April 2014 was a world-startling disaster which may as well be said a homicide by Park Geun Hye that deems lives of the people no more than that of a fly.

At the very moment when the hundreds of young schoolchildren were drowning in the cold sea, Park, though well aware of the incident, was absent from her office for seven hours. It was revealed that she was in the living quarters of the Blue House at that time after having an injection for facial beauty to remove her wrinkles. She has not yet taken any measures to probe into the accident, punish those responsible and refloat the sunken hull. Instead, she obstructed and forcibly terminated the activities of the special investigation committee

In south Korea hundreds of thousands of people are killed every year in such accidents as collapse of buildings, fire, traffic accidents and by infectious diseases.

Park Geun Hye has defied the fellow countrymen who propose national unity and cooperation, but begs the US to bolster up their alliance and is hell-bent on north-targeted war exercises. By doing so, she has destroyed the inter-Korean relations and clamped down on the south Korean people aspiring after peace and reunification

Park Geun Hye who has come from pro-Japanese and traitorous blood is clamouring for “an era of new cooperation” with Japan, covering the latter’s outrageous crimes related with sexual slavery. She is even attempting to lure the Japanese reactionaries who are plotting to seize Tok Islets and reinvade Korea.

She has plunged the whole of south Korea into a land of fascist dictatorship and a dark age by branding the pro-reunification figures and innocent people in south Korea as north-following and system-overthrowing forces, because they demand an improvement of north-south relations and right to existence, and putting them behind bars

Where there’s oppression, there’s reaction. This is the law and truth of history.

Demonstrations and mass rallies are held everyday in south Korea against the fascist dictatorship of Park regime.

The enraged south Korean people denounce her incompetence and ignorance for driving the economy to the worst crisis, for bringing the people to hopeless state as well as ruining them. Shouting that they cannot live like that any longer, they insist that the only choice to put an end to the humiliating history is to get rid of those American parrots, the “five traitors of 1905” in the 21st century on the name list of the nation.

The great defeat of the Saenuri Party in the parliamentary election in April last by losing majority seats was a due judgment of the public sentiment of south Korea.

Park Geun Hye who is abandoned by the public has no future.

– Kim Son Gyong