• Image of My Son

    One day over 20 years ago, I received a letter.  It was from Pak Yong Chan, identified as a military PO Box. Feeling rather strange I read it. Pak wrote that he was…

  • Korean Piano Prodigies

    An article about Ma Sin A, young World-famous Pianist and Han Su Ryo, Promising Pianist.

  • Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill

    The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill, established in October 1948, has been called a mother factory of the textile industry in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The mill…

  • Kim Il Sung University, Seventy Years of History

    1st October marks the 70th anniversary of Kim Il Sung University, the highest institution of Juche-oriented education in the country.

  • Let Kim Ryon Hui Go Back to Her Home!

    Kim Ryon Hui have been separated from her family since 2011, when she left her home in Pyongyang for visiting her cousin living China. Forced to live in south Korea, she cannot rejoin her family in Pyongyang.

  • United States – The Enemy of the World.

    The “threat from north Korea” the US claims is becoming increasingly hypocritical as the days go by.

  • Everybody is Studying

    A climate of studying is being established in the DPRK where all the people are endeavouring to study hard so as to contribute with a wealth of knowledge to the prosperity of their country and the building of a civilized socialist power.

  • The Human Rights Ruined Zone Under the “Statue of Liberty”

    Under this deceptive statue, which preaches the liberty and democracy, we see a human rights ruined zone, the most decadent place in the world.

  • Efficacious Anti-Cancer Pill

    Last year researchers of the anticancer medicine laboratory of the Tumour Institute of the Academy of Medical Science, developed the anticancer pill with Scutellaria baicalensis and aralia-shoots which are obtainable in Korea.

  • Chilsong Gate

    Chilsong Gate [Chilsongmun, 칠성문], the name of which bears the meaning of northern gate located towards the Great Bear, is situated in Pyongyang. From olden times it was called “Gate to Happiness.”

  • Stop Fratricidal Policy!

    Today the relations between the north and the south of the Korean peninsula are a shambles due to mutual confrontation and danger of war, which is a serious concern to not only the Korean nation but also foreign countries…

  • Under the Care of the State

    An article about the Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability.

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