• Useless into Useful

    Researches at the Urban Management Science Institute of the State Academy of Sciences recently developed a compound lagging material mainly from waste polystyrene, a kind of the urban rubbish.

  • Mother Factory

    The Workers of the Phyongsong Artificial Leather Factory fondly call theirs mother factory. It is not only because it is a parent factory that supplies materials to daily necessaries factories across…

  • Greetings Card

    On November 16, people throughout the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea celebrate the Mother’s Day. Few days ago I went out to a street in Pyongyang. It was unusually animated…

  • Researchers in Metabolic Diseases

    “I suffered from obesity for years. The researchers at the metabolism laboratory of the Academy of Koryo Medicine cured my disease that I thought was incurable in modern medicine.” “It…

  • Sosong District Juvenile Sports School of DPRK

    Sosong District Juvenile Sports School in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK is well-known to the country for having produced a large number of sports stars. The school has…

  • Crimes Never to Be Erased or Concealed

    This year Germany and Poland agreed to compile by 2020 a history textbook in four volumes, covering even the modern ages of Europe. On the contrary, Japan, styling itself as a pacifist state, is engrossed in shameless acts, still denying its past crimes.

  • Kimchi, One of World’s Five Health Foods

    Kimchi is one of the national dishes of Korea, which is tasty, nutritious and appetizing. Every Korean enjoys it. From olden times, Koreans never missed kimchi in the menu, even when rare dishes were prepared.

  • In Full Sail for Sixty Years

    One of these days a racing boat was sailing down the Taedong River, catching the eye of an elderly man standing on the deserted promenade. It was Won Yong Son, 80, a Merited Artist…

  • How Long Will They Say No?

    There is only US who is neglecting DPRK’s reality with constitutional antipathy toward Pyongyang, making a desperate attempt to stifle it while clinging to the policy of sanctions, isolation and suffocation.

  • Flood-affected Areas Revive Miraculously

    A typhoon flailed the North Hamgyong Provincial area in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from August 29 to September 2 this year, bringing uncontrollable disasters ever seen since the country was liberated in August 1945…

  • Wonderful Landscapes of the Mount Kumgang

    Sea Kumgang has a spectacular scenery as if the unparalleled beauty of Mt. Kumgang moved to the seaside. The wonderful lakescape along the shore, the seascape with whitecaps, strange cliffs and…

  • Broken Dream and Shattered Myth

    The United States, which had emerged as leader of imperialism after fishing in troubled waters in the Second World War, put the point of its strategy of world supremacy in Asia…

  • Have You Ever Tasted Koryo Liquor?

    Many people in the world who are fond of drinking and who say they are specialists in alcoholic beverage often ask this question one another.

  • Wonsan-Mt Kumgang International Tourist Zone

    Establishment of the Wonsan-Mt Kumgang International Tourist Zone was proclaimed in 2014 as a measure of the state to activate international tourism in the scenic spots on the eastern coast of Korea.

  • Sangwon Hermitage

    The Sangwon Hermitage, situated in Sangwon Valley in Mt. Myohyang, Hyangam-ri, Hyangsan County, North Phyongan Province, is affiliated to the Pohyon Temple in the mountain. For the three waterfalls of Ryongyon, Sanju…

  • Renovated Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory

    An article by Kim Ok who recently visited renovated Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory

  • Sight Restored

    Some time ago I was told that a doctor at Kinmaul Polyclinic in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, has brought back eyesight to a student. I went to see her at her clinic….

  • Image of My Son

    One day over 20 years ago, I received a letter.  It was from Pak Yong Chan, identified as a military PO Box. Feeling rather strange I read it. Pak wrote that he was…

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