• Educational Development of the Country Promoted

    Active efforts are made in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to constantly develop education of the country. Standing in the van are teachers of the Faculty of Physics of…

  • Woman Inventor of New Treatment Method

    In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, many women devote themselves to scientific researches for the development of medical science of the country. Among them is Kim Hwa Suk, researcher…

  • National Flag of DPRK

    Seeing the national flag of the DPRK fluttering in the blue sky of September, the DPRK people are filled with pride and jubilation in their great country, the invincible power….

  • Immortal Feats Performed by Peerlessly Great Men in Building Powerful Nation of Juche

    The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has made a history of great victory and renovation by dint of single-minded unity over the last seven decades. President Kim Il Sung had…

  • Tending Hundreds of Hectares of Woods for 18 Years

    In Korea there are many people honestly devoting themselves to the afforestation with ardent patriotism.

  • To Develop the Whole Economy of the Country

    The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un‘s field guidance to North Hamgyong Province in July was reported all over. He works heart and soul to rapidly develop the whole economy…

  • Undying “Torchlight”

    In Korea young people are firmly trusted and put forward as a vital unit of the times and valued as pillars of the future to take prosperous Korea upon themselves….

  • Order of Withdrawal That Moved People to Tears

    In the summer of Juche 99(2010), the area along the River Amnok in the northern part of Korea was hit by an unusually severe natural disaster. The respected supreme leader…

  • Hot Spring, Natural Resources

    There are many hot springs good for health and medical treatment in the DPRK. Typical of them are Paektu Hot Spring with a special virtue for chronic bronchitis and neuralgia,…

  • Leader Followed by People

    Now the Korean people are holding the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem as their intimate father and benevolent teacher and following him with infinite trust.

  • Standard of All Work

    There is a dental hygienic products factory in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is a combined producer of toothpaste, gargle and different kinds of…

  • Posong Mushroom Farm

    The Posong Mushroom Farm is in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The farm produces large quantities of mushrooms of different kinds which are popular for…

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