Every school and university in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has educators who are reliably training the rising generations as their foundations and roots.

Among them is Pak Song Hui, Headmistress of the Tongmun Primary School in Taedonggang District in the capital Pyongyang. She has been teaching for more than 30 years.

She says: “When I started to teach innocent children over 30 years ago, I did not have a clear understanding of what it means to become a teacher. In our country where everyone has the right to learn free of charge, we, teachers, should be more honest, sincere, passionate and devotional than anybody else, I think. In order to train the children as good personnel of the country, we should, first of all, set an example to them. So I make exact demands on myself and all other teachers of the school.”

Pak Song Hui became headmistress via teacher and subhead at the school after graduating from university. She made strenuous efforts to possess high practical qualifications, always remembering that the ability leads to good results and successes in education. In those days she was highly estimated at national seminars on teaching methods and invented new valuable teaching methods and introduced them into education.

While working as headmistress for 7 years, she has consistently pushed ahead with the work to improve the qualifications of teachers. In a few years the school has produced tens of model teachers and invented practical and superior teaching methods to be generalized across the country. She also pushed forward the work to improve educational conditions and environment.

All classrooms have been turned into multi-functional ones and laboratories and practice rooms wonderfully built. All the spaces of the school have been made halls of knowledge and halls of common sense and new visual aids manufactured and displayed on the walls of corridors to contribute to the study and education of the children.

Thanks to the devoted efforts of Headmistress Pak Song Hui, the school has been completely changed and trains more and more children with high ability.