In the summer of Juche 99(2010), the area along the River Amnok in the northern part of Korea was hit by an unusually severe natural disaster.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un immediately ordered units of the People’s Army to save the lives and property of the people. And he stressed the need to build a solid embankment along the river so that the people in the area could live completely free from natural disaster.

On his order, service personnel of the People’s Army saved many people at the crossroads of life and death and accelerated the embankment project on a full scale in defiance of the raging flood and heavy rain. But the embankment project was not that easy.

It was difficult to see even an inch ahead owing to torrential rain and they had to work in the water for long hours. Despite the worst conditions, the soldier-builders gave a do-or-die battle to the severe nature with a single resolve to provide the people in the afflicted area with a cradle of happy life as desired by Kim Jong Un.

Their struggle greatly impressed the people.

On the day of the successful completion of the project, the people were in a hurry to prepare a meal for the soldiers like their own children.

At that time, a commanding officer of the unit mobilized for the project informed them that the whole of the unit had withdrawn early in the morning.

The people expressed their regret and disappointment to him.

The commanding officer told that it is the intention of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un not to give any inconvenience to the people and that they are the army of the people under his order, and continued.

On the previous evening, reading the minds of the people, Marshal Kim Jong Un said our people are really a good people and he was thankful to them for their sincerity, but any slightest burden should not be imposed on them and issued an order of immediate withdrawal.

Listening to the commanding officer, the officials and inhabitants of the afflicted area were moved to tears.

The order of withdrawal that moved the people to tears was an order of love for the people that can be issued only by Kim Jong Un who gives top priority to and absolutizes the people’s convenience.