Sad news was known to the world on 22nd September, Juche 38 (1949) on the sudden demise of anti-Japanese Heroine Kim Jong Suk.

On the day of great sorrow of all the Korean people President Kim Il Sung who would be most sorrowful of the loss seated his two children on his sides and was turning over leaves of some paper one by one.

Those were the manuscripts of an editorial for the newspaper Minju Chongnyon (Democratic Youth at the time) she had given to him on the eve of her pass-away.

One official in grief asked him in earnest to read the writing later. He answered with a hoarse voice that he had to read because it contained her request for the rising generation. This writing he was so concerned had a meaning warming the heart of all.

Some days ago the officials of the newspaper had gone to the mansion of President Kim Il Sung with the manuscripts of the editorial they prepared to improve the work of the Children’s Union in keeping with the requirements of the revolutionary development. They had been very much in need of his instruction. Gladly welcoming them she had promised them to present the manuscripts to President Kim Il Sung in consideration of the importance of the writing.

However, they did not know she was so seriously ill. The officials of the newspaper had waited it eagerly with great expectation. Then all of a sudden there was the sad news.

On September 21 Mrs. Kim Jong Suk presented him with the manuscript with a notice of her words that it was from the Minju Chongnyon to have the instruction from the leader and she could not convey him the manuscripts for he was too busy and urged him to read it to give them instructions as they wished. She was such a woman who cared after the rising generation on her last day too.